Club Programs

Active Programs

These programs are actively being run by the club.

200 Yard Rifle Practice

Long gun open practice from 50 yards to 200 yards.

Action Pistol / Action Rifle

The Action Pistol Club is a place to shoot and have fun. Our club allows you to practice techniques learned and developed through competition and defensive shooting. These include:

  • holster work
  • malfunction clearance
  • mag changes (speed & retained)
  • flashlight work
  • support side
  • non-conventional shooting positions
  • moving while shooting
  • use of cover
  • long gun transitions
  • and much more . . .

For more information on this program please review the dedicated website:

Programs On Hiatus

These events have been run by the club in the past. If you are interested in bringing any of these programs back to life please contact our Chief Instructor.

  • High Power Rifle
  • Small Bore Rifle
  • Rifle League
  • PPC League
  • Hunter Safety
  • Small Bore Pistol League
  • Juniors Small Bore Rifle Marksmanship Qualification
  • Adult NRA Pistol Marksmanship Qualification